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Technical Data Sheet



Product name: 

 Solderable varnish MARMOT®  MTS889

Description and key properties:


  • Electro-isolating solderable varnish
  • For industry and consumer electronics
  • Hardened varnish does not obstruct further soldering
  • When reach temperature of soldering it melts and does not create dross
  • UV fluorescent - can be checked in UV light whether layer is coherent

Operating instructions:

Varnish is applied by paintbrush or all other suitable methods.

When necessary to apply more layers than one, next layer is applied after hardening the first layer.

The varnish becomes dry during 30 min.

Full hardening comes in 48 hour / 23°C or 5 min / 80°C. We recommend using warm hardening to reach high electro insulation resistance.

Diluting a washing: OTM 19.


Avoid penetration of varnish into connectors and switches!


The varnish vas subject of testing of Tesla VUST No.181011514/5, it was compared and tested as electro insulation varnish regardless it is not its nature, it is solderable varnish, but even though passed all tests and examinations.


Layer 15µm:


Electro insulation resistance: Passed

Moisture resistance: Passed

Dielectric strength: Passed

Temperature changing resistance: Passed




Technical specification:








0,9 + - 0,05


Melting point



Consistence 10 sec. Ford 4mm by 20°C  


Sec. +-10%

Obsah sušiny / netěkavý podíl



Vzhled při světle 3200°K - 5000°K

Transparent colorless

Vzhled při světle 366nm

clear blue – fluorescent

One layer



Insulation resistance :

Electro insulation resistance: Passed

Moisture resistance: Passed

Dielectric strength: Passed

Temperature changing resistance: Passed

Absolute corrosive  effect on  Cu mirror

Without depletion Cu 4000 Angstrom

- EN 29455-5 (ISO 9455-5:1992)


- USA method MIL-F-14256D:

Without corrosion - Complies excellent

corrosive  effect tropical humidity 21 days

Without corrosion - Complies excellent



Other proprieties:

Flammable Liquid

Rozpustný v rozpouštědle:


Recommended thinner :                


Recommended  cleaner:






In all cases is advised to test reached properties according to the aspect of device and process of application. Due to the fact that it is solderable varnish it has not thermal endurance above 100°C, also endurance against run down water must be subject of your tests.         





Safety and health protection




Long lasting and repeated contact with skin can cause irritation and sensibility, therefore is necessary to avoid direct contact.  In case when it is not possible exclude possibility of direct skin contact, the workers must wear suitable personal protective equipment. Work area must be ventilated. Do not drink or eat during work. Do not use naked flame. After work, hands should be washed with soap and warm water and cared with protective cream.




First Aid


Inhalation – in case of excessive inhalation of flux fumes emitted during soldering, remove affected person to fresh air.

Ingestion – in case of accidental Ingestion, wash out mouth with water and give enough pure water to drink.

Skin contact – in case of skin contact, wash the place with soap and warm water.

Eye contact – in case of eye contact, flush the eyes immediately with plenty of water.

In case of large health damage or eyes contact, seek medical attention. 



Above mentioned precautions are recommended for health protection of the workers, obligatory measures are described in Safety Data Sheet (SDS) - if released, and do not substitute internal safety regulations of final customer.