MARMOT flux MTV009

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Technical Data Sheet



Product name: 

 MARMOT® Flux MTV009

Description and key properties:


  • Fully inorganic flux for hand and automated soft soldering
    with high reduction effect
  • Activated by halides based on zinc-amine complex
  • For soft soldering in engineering with standard SnPb and lead-free solders
  • For soft soldering by naked flame with high working temperature
    range 180°C to 750°C
  • The flux does not contain any organic components therefore
    does not carbonize during soldering
  • Useable everywhere  when water cleaning is applicable
  • High efficiency not only with color metals  but even with steel,
    nickel and noncorrosive steel  
  • It is mainly appointed as a filling of the cored wire solder

Operating manual:

It is exclusively filled into the standard Tin-Lead or Lead-Free multicored wire solders