Auxiliary agents

Pájitelné laky a přípravky pro ředění a mytí tavidel MARMOT.

  • Cleaning dissolvent OTM19

    Cleaning dissolvent for rosin based fluxes MARMOT range MTL 4xx, 5xx.

    Cleaning dissolvent for not yet harden epoxy resin sealing materials.

  • Organic dissolvent RMTL64

    Solvent for dilution MARMOT rosin based fluxes range MTL 4xx, 5xx.
    Applicable as a component of ultrasonic cleaning bath.

  • Solderable varnish MTS889

    Electro-isolating solderable varnish, hardened varnish does not obstruct further soldering. UV fluorescent - can be checked in UV light.


    Organic solvent for cleaning and dilution MARMOT fluxes.